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About Paul.

Paul Francis Wilkie has a great ability to capture candid moments, he is a spectator and a documenter of the unedited truth. What he sees around him is his environment at its rawest. His photography is not a construct of what you want to see but what is really there.


In stark contrast to his documentary style of photography his video work explores the surrealist realms of his nature, indulging in experimental landscapes and unique perspectives. In a world awash with regurgitated appropriation of popular culture he draws from intuitive curiosity and a grand imagination conjuring up childhood memories of play. The two separate sections of his work are united in their energy and sense of humour. Paul Francis Wilkie captures the unaltered absurdity of human existence by showing us a small part of his crazy corner of the universe and by creating even more crazy parts for us to visit in his video work which stands as a parallel dimension to his photography.

After graduating from The Glasgow School of Art, where he studied Fine Art Photography, Paul has met success as an artist in a wide variety of fields. His high output and versatility has contributed to his recognition as being a video maker, photographer, painter, designer, creative writer and musician. His work has reached far and wide meeting consistent positive critical acclaim and is regularly a featured artist in a number of publications, newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Overall a truly unique and uncompromising artist, fresh with his sense of self and rejection of the expected.

Musically, he is working on his first solo album. Currently two of his tracks are available to the public as demos, under the name ‘Roastin’ Peanut’.

Scottish indie label Gold Mold Record’s included these on their ‘2016 Spring Sampler’ and 'Summer Sampler 2017'  which were released digitally and as a limited number of cassettes. Both these tracks were written, recorded, and mixed by himself with drums from Martin Johnston.

Roastin' Peanut - Ladybug Demo (2016):

Roastin' Peanut - Feel Good Demo (2017):

He has also made guest appearances with the likes of Kill Surrrf, Tijuana Bibles, Pronto Mama and Becci Wallace.

He was part of Mollusk Magazine from the first issue through to the last where he would write fictional stories which were illustrated by Cameron Orr.

Issue 1: ‘Water Mellon’ (page 42 – 43)

Issue 2: ‘Radio’  (page 88 – 89)

Issue 3: ‘Samuel The Sand’ (page 26 – 27)

Issue 4: ‘Jelly Bean’ (page 92 – 93)

Issue 5: ‘Black hole Of A Boy’ (page 88)

Issue 6: ‘Mangoes’ (page 82 – 83)

Issue 7: ‘Stolen Wife’ (page 84 – 85)

Issue 8: ‘Lovely And Lonely’ (page 80 – 81)

Issue 9: ‘Sam The Sponge’ (page 88- 89)

Art exhibitions include:

Mollusk Magazine Exhibition (Group Exhibition):
The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Scotland. 7.8.13


Danuna – Alien Themed Art Exhibition (Paul Wilkie and Cameron Orr):
The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Scotland. 12.10.14 and 13.10.14

Phoenix Bursary Exhibition (Large group exhibition):
GSA, Reid Building, Glasgow, Scotland. 24.7.15 until 2.8.15

Drying Green Collective (Group Exhibition):
Broadcast, Glasgow, Scotland. 10.2.16

Cave Wall Studios (Opening Night):
Cave Wall Studios, Coatbridge, Scotland. 16.9.16

Paul Francis Wilkie's Art exhibition At The Library:
Whiteinch Library, Glasgow, Scotland. 5.4.17 - 29.4.17

Pronto Mama 'Any Joy' (Listening Night):
Scottish Music Centre, Glasgow, Scotland. 13.4.17

Absurd Realities:
Citizen M hotel, Glasgow, Scotland. 3.6.17 - 1.7.17

'The Fun Cube' - Phoenix Bursary Exhibition

Paintings at the Absurd Realities Exhibition

Notable outings / artist residences / bursary programmes since graduation:

Phoenix Bursary Programme: Glasgow, Scotland, October ‘14 – March ‘15
Madeira: Ponta Delgada, Madeira, Portugal, February – March ‘16
Pronto Mama ‘Any Joy’ cottage: Aberdeenshire, Scotland, April ‘16
Tumfy and the Deecers cottage: Scottish Borders, Scotland, May ‘16
Jazz Daniels Experimental Showcase: Blackfriars, Glasgow, Scotland, November '17 - Ongoing.

Pronto mama 'Any Joy' cottage: Aberdenshire, Scotland, April '16

Currently he is preparing for his next solo art exhibition, nearing the final stages of the recording process of his debut album, preparing a book accompanied by a short documentary and working with a number of high profile musicians on their visual presence. He currently lives in Glasgow.  

All content on this website © Paul Francis Wilkie 2018.

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