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'Floopy Zebra' Poster, 7.1.18.

About Floopy Zebra

I am currently in the process of expanding my catalogue of fictional short stories into a collection with illustrations which will be called ‘Floopy Zebra’ named after a white and dark chocolate doughnut I ate whilst on Holiday. The stories themselves are kept simple and short which allows me to be more creative with my langue and add colour to the plot where unexpected yet realistic twists keep the reader interested and entertained. Keeping an idea of what I want the message of the story to be helps me reign it in close enough for it to make sense but I always try to be as inventive and visual with the content as I can. Bearing in mind the themes are realistic, the stories are profound, but not confusing making them suitable for any age group.  

Floopy Zebra is still a big secret just now so definitely don't tell anyone.

(Even though its on my website.)

'Christmas Jazz Daniels' Poster, 14.12.17.

The first time I read out my stories to an audience was at Jazz Daniels Experimental Showcase and I was lucky enough for people to like it. I still cant believe everyone laughed in the good way. I was asked to do it again a few times as a residency where I will read new material one Thursday a month in Blackfriars Basement, Glasgow. Keep on the look out for when the next one is  here:

Jazz Daniels Facebook page:

Jazz Daniels, 9.11.17, (photo by Paul Aitken).

'Elephant Wind', Short Story, 9.11.17.

More to be uploaded soon...

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